organiz_matOpalQM is a result of collaboration between the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine and Online Business Systems. The school realized that traditional Learning Management Systems were not sufficient for the demanding needs of a modern medical school. Even traditional Curriculum Management Systems were not up to the task of providing the depth of knowledge sought by the school. They needed a Quality Management System that would help take their quality improvement and accreditation initiative to the next level.

A Focus on Partnerships

Partnering with Online Business Systems was a natural fit. Online has led the development of Medical School Curriculum Management Systems since 2002. And with locations across North America and 300 professional staff, Online has been increasing productivity and innovation for our clients since 1986.

A Focus on Quality Management

At the core of every Curriculum Management initiative is the drive for Quality Management. Improving quality requires intimate, fact-based knowledge about your school’s performance.  OpalQM provides the ability to access all the information your Administration and Faculty need to manage a quality medical education.

A Focus on Achieving Your Goals

We’re more than a product company. Our roots are in custom application development and we have grown and evolved to become trusted advisors to our clients. We can guide you through planning, transforming, and managing your IT environment to support the overall objectives of your school. Our goal is to work with you to put the tools and processes in place to help you reach your goals.

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