OpalQM is much more than a Curriculum Management System. Every component in OpalQM was designed around the importance of quality management and to support flexible integration with other systems. Our goal was to provide medical schools with an integrated system to manage and ensure a quality medical education program.

OpalQM enables you to improve quality throughout your entire medical program. To borrow from a concept made popular by Dr. W. Edwards Deming, it means helping you:

  • Plan: Institutionalize the educational processes.
  • Do: Deliver the tools to execute those processes.
  • Check: Report on important performance based, organization-wide metrics.
  • Act: Drill into where the problem areas are, and address them.


OpalQM provides the foundational features needed to successfully support your undergraduate medical education system. As an organization-wide-system, OpalQM fully integrates with other systems across your school, providing a holistic understanding about the quality of your educational programs.

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